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    Anyone ever have a class where the class notes don't coincide with the text? Im struggling here. The instructor says study everything, but seriously? how do you synthesize the book and the class notes and what do you focus on?? What the instructor has put in the notes or what the book is saying?
  2. Gititgirl7

    Help with Care Plans

    "You need to make sure that you didn't miss seeing any of the signs or symptoms of any of these conditions in her. This is how you will improve your assessment skills as well as learn about these diseases. I suspect she still has symptoms of her pneumonia but you missed seeing them. " I think this is the key. I have more detailed info on this pt. I was just looking for guidance on where to begin. i think I really wanted to focus on nutrition and was trying to justify it. You've set me on the right track, so thank you.
  3. Gititgirl7

    Help with Care Plans

    Daytonite, First, Just want to say thank you for the teaching on care plans. I've learned more from these threads than in the couple of class I've had at school. Still, I seem to be confused and if you've already addressed this, please send me to the correct post. pt. is 76 yo hx of dementia found unresponsive at home pulse ox in the ambulance 72% improved after 02 admin to92% Cxr in the ER showed Rll infiltrate consistent with pneumonia UA=UTI Admitting diagnosis is Mental Status Change, Pneumonia, UTI, Early sepsis. My question is: Whats the priority diagnosis? I think hypoxemia r/t pnuemonia caused the mental status change. but older adults also suffer mental status changes from UTIs. What should my care plan focus on? I read where you said to focus on the signs and symptoms presented. I took care of this patient on her 5th hospital day and 02 sat was 100% on room air. She was confused at times, but has a hx of dementia. her foley was draining light yellow urine and her priority problem on the day I took care of her was nurtrition - poor appetite and weight loss since admission. As a student are you supposed to do the careplan based on the admitting dx or on the priority for the day? My careplan format specifically asks for the admitting dx.
  4. hey My3guys, thanks. good looking out. I've been reading articles on electrolytes for a while now. I'll get looking for incredibly easy asap.
  5. I think that happened when I was in 108. Turned out I wasn't on the instructors list. She had forgotten to check my name on her roster. If the other students have it tomorrow and you don't, be sure to check with them.
  6. Question.. Anyone know if Nur 170 instructors use blackboard? Class is starting Tuesday and nothing is listed.
  7. I am so excited. Another term completed. YEAAAAA:yeah: Good luck to everyone starting cohort 4.
  8. I work 12 hr nights on the weekends. I'm sick of it all ready, so I'm in the process of changing that. I personally think that 3-11 would be okay. I'm not sure how you could do 40 hrs a week and nursing school. but part time is doable. (just my opinion). My experience has been that Im out most days by 2:15 or 2:30. I do a day clinical. Some people have the evening clinical so its different for them.
  9. Butterfly, Congratulations on your scholarship. I, like an idiot, left Sentara to work for an "affiliate" of Sentara, my pal time and other benefits went with me so I assumed I was eligible for CAP. After I sent in my application I was told that I infact was NOT eligible. My credit card bill is going to be ridiculous at the end of this!. For Nur 108, regardless of what your schedule says, two instructors teach the course together, they split up the subjects and one will lecture, then the other.There are two other instructors who do labs and clinicals, but you'll be assigned to one of the main two for advising. My first piece of advice for this course is to get organized. You'll get a course outline and a calender for the whole semester. Use that to organize yourself. It takes a minute to get used to the NCLEX style of testing, so be patient with yourself. I do the assigned reading, and then correlate that with the lecture notes. There are a TON of lecture notes. lots and lots and lots of information. Know your learning style and utilize suggestions for that style to digest the information. I found out I'm a kinesthetic learner, so I have to interact with my notes. I use a white board to track concepts, index cards for definitions. There are CDs with the book, I do all the quizzes with that. These are things that help me. you've got to find what works for you. Good luck!!!!!
  10. Gititgirl7

    Lpn starting from scratch in RN program

    So, I started hospital clinical rotation a coule of weeks ago. Kinda weird. On one hand, only being responsible for vital signs and adls is pretty cool. But not being able to utilize the assesment skills I already have (haven't been taught yet) is sorta not cool. NO ONE is interested in the input of a first year, first semester student. (Least of all the instructor). Trying to stay in my role is a bit more challenging than I anticipated. only one more clinical day to go for this semester, yaaayyyy.
  11. al7139, Thanks for your comments. I'm doing great grade wise in 108, but I am not loving the instructors or the way the program is structured right now. I've spent some time wondering if I made the right decision to attend this program. Theres no turning back though, so I'm glad to hear that you are proud you stuck with TCC. One question, at what point, if ever, did you get the feeling that anyone (instructor or advisor) cared whether you passed or failed? or even cared about students opinions at all? I'm asking too much aren't I? I've written on my notebook "VALIDATE YOURSELF!" I intend to follow that advise through out this program. See you on the otherside!
  12. And don't forget, the uniform tops run HUGE!!!! I don't know how they take the measurements, but order carefully.
  13. Mikecap, nurs 108, not to bad. I'm hearing from some of the newbies(new to the medical field) that they feel a little lost with all the terminology. Lots and lots of reading. I am struggling a bit with the lectures, notes seem be to all over the place. You HAVE to do the reading and then sythesize the lecture notes and book notes. You'll hear over and over to go by the book, but they give you a ton a lecture notes. Now in week 4, Im starting to get the hang of it. Get organized from the start, you'll be happier. Labs are a lot of fun and everyone seems more relaxed when we're doing hands on stuff. The simulation lab is a blast!!! As for working? I work 12 hr shifts every friday and Saturday night. It sucks because tests are almost always on Mondays and I get very little studying done on the weekend, by Sunday, I'm fried. I have just requested to go flex and I'm gonna try 1 night a week instead of 2. I'm also looking for something less demanding, and possibly something during the week in the evening. there is only one clinical group in the evening for this course and they basically asked who wanted it. I didn't, so Im truely done by 2:30 every day. I think I'm rambling a bit but, if you have the type of job where you can get some studying done while your there, you should be okay. or if your the type who studies hard all week and can skip weekend studying, you'll also be fine.
  14. Meriwhen, Thanks. I prefer the 2 day a week thing, but I just signed up for what was available. I'm not that pressed one way or the other. No childcare issues. There is one clinical site, I'd prefer not to attend, but I'm getting from the look on the instructor's faces, that they are not really interested in personal problems or issues with the program. So I will go where Im told, when Im told, period.
  15. Gititgirl7

    Lpn starting from scratch in RN program

    1mrsbug. First and second exams went fine. Not hard at all. I commented to another student that I was surprised at how uncomplicated the tests were. She rolled her eyes and said"for you." I will keep my comments to myself from now on. Today after the scores for the second exam were posted there were a couple of meltdowns. The one thing I know I have over complete newbies is the medical terminology. At anyrate, we are already half way through the semester (8week semesters) and then I'll be on to basic med surg. no study groups. every one wants to study on the weekend and I work 12 hrs on sat and sun. I'll be changing my schedule in December. maybe next semester I can find a good group. I have a feeling after next semester, the playing field as far as nursing knowledge will level out.