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  1. Preparing For An RN Job Interview

    You’ve just heard back from a job you applied for and scheduled an interview. You have no idea how many candidates there are for the position or how many they are interviewing, but you want to make sure you stand out as the best candidate. There are...
  2. New Job Not Working Out

    I teach nursing students in their last semester of school. One of my students asked for tips as a new grad. One piece of advice that I gave her was to not be afraid to try a different area of nursing if she felt like she wasn’t loving her first job. ...
  3. How Healthy Eating Can Help with Weight Loss

    Thanks for sharing your experience! I’m glad you were able to break that habit. It’s really amazing the negative side effects unhealthy foods and drinks can have on our bodies. I hadn’t heard of people using topamx before and am interested in learnin...
  4. How Healthy Eating Can Help with Weight Loss

    I know, seems “silly” yet so many people I know will spend hours working out and not get any results because they have the misconception that if they are working out they can eat anything they want. They are always surprised on the amount of weight t...
  5. How Healthy Eating Can Help with Weight Loss

    Thank you! I agree that when people bring in food for nurses, they all seem to be j healthy options! My clinical groups usually bring in something as a thank you for the nurses on our last day. I’ve been encouraging them to bring a mixture of healthi...
  6. A Deep Dive into NCLEX Next Generation 2023

    As a nurse educator, I think there is benefit in these changes. We often see students who can memorize the “traditional” NCLEX style question but lack critical thinking and prioritization skills. Having questions that are more case based allows bett...
  7. Copyright Do’s and Don't’s for Nurses and Educators

    Wow, I never thought about all the things you mentioned! Great article!
  8. Great article! Having a democratic leader for nursing units I think is crucial. This rule of leader values the teams input. It would be great if team building focused on the team working together to solve actual problems for their department. This wo...
  9. Losing weight and dieting doesn’t have to be complicated. There are a lot of programs designed to help people lose weight, but a weight loss program needs to be something sustainable long-term to keep the weight off. The weight-loss equation is actu...