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  1. ATI TEAS Study Manual E-Book

    Hi everyone, I purchased the $90 basic study package from TEAS that includes the Study Manual and 2 practice tests. I am also going to purchase a set of flash cards (probably the Mometrix ones). Will this be enough for the TEAS? I am worried th...
  2. Finding A Job After An Accelerated BSN Program

    Thank you so much for your response! I just got my CNA license and am hoping to start working soon so hopefully that will give me an advantage.
  3. Finding A Job After An Accelerated BSN Program

    I just realized this was probably not the correct thread to post this in, I should’ve posted it in a different thread I apologize! But I would still appreciate any advice! Thank you guys
  4. I plan to apply for some accelerated BSN programs as well as some traditional second bachelor’s degree programs here in California (like CSULB, CSU Chico, Sac State, CSU San Marcos etc.), and they all vary in length. I was just wondering, for anyone ...