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  1. Emory MN Spring 2023

    Just to clarify, someone made that comment on the MN-MSN thread (not the InEmory MN/regular MN) but on that thread and previous MN-MSN threads there actually have been people accepted off the waitlist so that’s a good sign that Emory doesn’t only acc...
  2. Emory MN Spring 2023

    I read that as well and I was worried, but if you look through past threads for the InEmory MN or regular MN there have been people who have been admitted off the waitlist! Good luck!!🤞
  3. Emory MN Spring 2023

    I was waitlisted. I found someone else on Reddit who was also waitlisted, and two people who were accepted. All I know is the waitlist isn’t ranked, they don’t revisit the list every round (there’s one more deadline and decision release date left), t...
  4. Emory MN Spring 2023

    Decision release day is tomorrow 7/15. Good luck to anyone who applied!
  5. NYU Non-Accelerated/ABSN Fall 2022

    IDK if you got decisions already but if it gives you any hope I was admitted in 2021 with 2.8 cumulative and 3.1 for pre-requisites. I think my personal statement and volunteering helped a lot. Ultimately I didn’t take my spot because I couldn’t get ...
  6. Emory MN Spring 2023

    Did anyone here apply to the InEmory MN program for Spring 2023? Decision release date is 7/15 but I read here that previous years some people received decisions in early June. Has anyone heard back? I applied first week of March and had all my appli...