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  1. CNAinquire

    Double Briefing

    Not all briefs have that plastic outer coating.
  2. CNAinquire

    Double Briefing

    I generally try not to work at places that use cotton washcloths alone for fecal incontinence. This post is why I joined the website. So much hate by some for double briefing.
  3. The controlled substance database may not be used for less than honorable purposes. Licensed professionals can use it like Wikipedia for protected health information. The bosses of criminal organizations are ostensibly using federated health informat...
  4. CNAinquire

    Double Briefing

    Patients with polyuria need either a premium-quality ultra-absorbent brief or two of the cheap kind. Placing two briefs is not criminal under the U.S. Code. Reportedly, some have been cited by the state health department for putting two briefs on...