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  1. Congrats to you too! and yes let's connect haha I created an fb group for our cohort 🙂 https://www.facebook.com/groups/554361289804646
  2. I got an offer with PCU 200 😭
  3. Nothing from acute care yet 😕
  4. Good luck to those interviewing for 2nd round today! Please share any tips/advice 😅
  5. Do yall happen to know if our interviews are unit specific for acute care? My friend and I have different units listed on the email.
  6. Has anyone heard back from acute care?
  7. CHLA New Grad RN November 2022

    Hi do yall know the deadline for the app? I know it just opened this morning but there's no deadline on the website. Thank you!
  8. CHOC New Grad Residency August 2022

    any updates from external applicants?
  9. CHOC New Grad Residency August 2022

    surgical only
  10. CHOC New Grad Residency August 2022

    Hi everyone! I have an interview for the surgical unit tomorrow. Does anyone have any tips or know of what questions they've asked? TIA