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  1. Mary Baldwin CRNA 2022

    I believe they are officially accredited for the start of the program.
  2. Mary Baldwin CRNA 2022

    Ohhhh I could’ve sworn someone said that LOL my bad. Well I guess the 60 number of ppl waitlisted doesn’t make any sense at this point
  3. Mary Baldwin CRNA 2022

    I think they have a time limit to pay or they’ll be dropped off the list. That’s where the force part comes in out of fear of a permanent rejection. But it’s a but odd for 60 ppl on the waitlist. But if 60 ppl pay a deposit, it’s more money in their ...
  4. Mary Baldwin CRNA 2022

    It’s a bit weird but they could do that to force people to pay for their deposit. They’ll make a lot of money off of it.
  5. Loma Linda CRNA 2023

    I’ll be applying as well. I think for the personal statement just explain what motivated you to become a CRNA and list your experiences. Good luck
  6. Mary Baldwin CRNA 2022

    I’m following this thread since there doesn’t seem to be a lot of ppl speaking about LaRoche’s CRNA program. I got accepted to it but like Mary Baldwin’s program, LaRoche is also being accredited and plans to enrolls its first cohort this fall semest...
  7. Mary Baldwin CRNA 2022

    Anyone know if they’ve been accredited yet?
  8. La Roche University CRNA DNAP Fall 2022

    I’m starting a thread for the La Roche CRNA program for Fall 2022. I haven’t seen many people talk about the program recently and only since some old forums back in 2004 and I think 2018 or something. I just did an interview recently and I know the p...