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  1. School Not Allowing Us to Take NCLEX

    Because graduation means nothing. Like I said it's about gaming the NCLEX system. Except for those who actually did not get the required C grade or average 75% across exams, everyone was allowed to graduate and attend the graduation ceremony. So you ...
  2. School Not Allowing Us to Take NCLEX

    It was mentioned as an exercise in Week 6 of the calendar as one of the weekly assignments. You don't have to believe as I know it's hard to do in this circumstance. It was not even listed on the class work grading scheme. It was not a requirement to...
  3. School Not Allowing Us to Take NCLEX

    From syllabus: Clinical performance is evaluated on a pass/fail basis. Students are expected to attend each clinical experience and perform activities in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct, Professional Practice Standards and Ethics, cl...
  4. School Not Allowing Us to Take NCLEX

    Right, multiple proctors, different for each element. All subjective. One of mine was on the phone for the whole element. Problem was CCE wasn't part of passing or failing the course. Syllabus says , 160 hours of hospital work, evaluation of nurse su...
  5. School Not Allowing Us to Take NCLEX

    I took 2 ATI exams. One that predicts your rate of passing NCLEX, requirement was 90% prediction of passing. I scored 99%. I don't know what the second was for but required passing was 70% and I got 92%. One of just 8 that passed initially out of ove...
  6. School Not Allowing Us to Take NCLEX

    Knew that there would be remediation for the one you failed. I passed both predictive ATI at 99%, ATI comprehensive at 92% and 100% for exit exam. That was in the syllabus. I didn't have to do boot camp or NurseThink but I got told to do it anyway. S...
  7. School Not Allowing Us to Take NCLEX

    The tests were in the sylabus as well as boot camp. E-mail was sent 3 weeks from graduation saying boot camp is being replaced by NurseThink.
  8. School Not Allowing Us to Take NCLEX

    If you passed the ATI exams, why would you need to go through NurseThink when people who passed CCE and failed ATI only have to take NurseThink? Yes, it is the state board that is letting the school game the system. Are law schools allowed to co...
  9. I know this might sound made up but it is the absolute truth. To give this context, I am letting you know the school is on probation for low NCLEX success rate. Last course to graduate is a course called Role Transition. Traditionally you w...