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  1. Pacific Union College

    Any Updates regarding 2022 LVN -RN program for PUC. Does anyone know if they made decisions yet? Anyone received letter/email of acceptance?
  2. Pacific Union College

    Congratulations!! I never received an email notification, just the mailed letter. It did give us an orientation date of August 29th 🙂
  3. Pacific Union College

    Did you see our acceptance deadline?
  4. Pacific Union College

    Yessss! Can't wait to meet you! Im so happy to start this journey together!
  5. Pacific Union College

    I GOT IN! Just got my letter through mail today! Sending good vibes to you all!
  6. Pacific Union College

    Yayyyyyyyy! congratulations! I'm in Vallejo, I'm hoping I get it soon! Thank you for the update!
  7. Pacific Union College

    Me too, Hope we find out soon. Good Luck to us all!
  8. Pacific Union College

    I called yesterday and was told that they are super busy so hopefully emails by end of next week! wishing the best for all of us!!
  9. Pacific Union College

    Oh I really hope so! Praying for good news, for all of us 🙂
  10. Pacific Union College

    Thank you for responding Jedi_Nurse030. This waiting to hear back is just so nerve wrecking! Hoping for Good news soon for us both!
  11. pacific union college

    Hi Did you re-apply for the LVN-RN 2022 program?