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  1. Out of State New Grad Advice

    Thank you for responding. My plan is to move after graduation, after passing the NCLEX. I will be applying to residencies when the applications open in the Fall. I am set on moving to Georgia. I was not aware that I could take the NCLEX here in Texas...
  2. Out of State New Grad Advice

    Thank you for your response. This is so helpful. I intend to start a residency in the Spring, following graduation in December. I really want to start working right away and having a semester off to wait for my license to transfer is not economically...
  3. Out of State New Grad Advice

    I'm in need of some advice from anyone who successfully relocated out of state following graduating from a BSN program. I will be graduating from my ABSN program in Houston, Texas in December of this year and relocating near Atlanta, Georgia soon aft...
  4. ATL Summer 2022 Residency

    Hi @ctan10 , I am currently at UT Houston and I'll be graduating in December of this year. Any chance you could reach out to me on facebook? I have some advice as I will be moving right after graduation, possibly taking my NCLEX in Georgia and applyi...
  5. ATL Summer 2022 Residency