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  1. Help-Army Officer transfer to Nurse Corps

    That's all great information! Thank you for your replies. I'll make note of it all. If I'm unable to get back into active duty right away, I'm thinking of doing a nurse residency somewhere to get more experience as a fresh grad. Maybe that could be w...
  2. Hi everyone! Thanks for reading and providing any information to my questions. I have a lot of questions! About me: I'm a Military Intelligence CPT(P) on active-duty Army. I've been in for almost 13 years. I will be transitioning to the Army Res...
  3. PRN CNA scehdules

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for some clarification on what PRN means. I've been looking for CNA positions and see some sites list PRN and some say on call. Are they the same thing? I became a CNA in March and have had one job that I applied f...
  4. Humanitarian work - how do you do it?

    Good morning! I've been reading different posts about overseas work/volunteering and I'm wondering if anyone can give me feedback/tips on how you do it? I haven't started nursing school yet but will be entering an accelerated BSN program....
  5. Military Reservist during ABSN

    Good luck on your applications! I'm applying to USF in Tampa but I think that's the only FL school. I think the earliest decisions will be made the same month I come off active duty. I think I'll end up having to join a Reserves unit and then transfe...
  6. Military Reservist during ABSN

    Hi everyone, I'm a newbie to this site and hoping I've posted this in the right section. I'm wondering if anyone on here is currently in an ABSN program and also in the Reserves? I'd love to hear your experience if this applies to you! I'm ...