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Hi everyone,

I will be starting an accelerated program in May. I currently live in South Florida and have applied to 2 FL schools (USF and UNF). Has anyone had experience with either of their nursing programs? I got my acceptance email from UNF today and am awaiting the response from USF. I did interview with USF and was supposed to with UNF but I guess they are thinking of ditching the interview process for future acceptance so my interview got cancelled and I got accepted instead! I've researched both programs and they look very similar. USF does offer more credits and I noticed UNF doesn't require pathophysiology. The class size for USF is almost double UNF. I've had great success at communicating with USF personnel but not so much with UNF (took 3 emal tries over 6 months to finally get a response about the program specifics), although Dr. Dibble has been amazing at her communication. Anyway, I'm really at a loss on which to pick (assuming USF accepts me too). I'm not pulled to living in one location over the other for school and don't plan on staying in either area for long (if at all) after school is done. If anyone has experience with either school's program, I'd love to hear it! 

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Hey! I'm in a similar situation, deciding between UNF and UF! I have to confirm or deny acceptance for UF by tomorrow and I'm still torn.

Have you learned anything about UNF? I've had a hard time finding former students online, but the one concern I had from my research was that their NCLEX pass rate declined a little the past two years. I know they were doing online school during covid, but still. I'd like to know more about their reputation before deciding

Good luck on your decision! Unfortunately I haven't found anyone that's been to UNF. It was a bit frustrating that information sessions aren't done. That's ideal for getting to know the program better. I sent my decision to the school today and declined my offer. I think with the NCLEX changing this year having high pass rates is important! 

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