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  1. Charge nurse with patients?

    I'm a clinical supervisor. I don't have an assignment usually, only in emergency-type situations. I have a lot of fires to put out as well as audits. I also cover for Rapid response if they are busy and need help. There is too much stress to have a p...
  2. Incident report

    Every hospital is different and has different heparin protocols. We have to double sign the gtts at the start, bag change, tubing change, and shift change. That's a challenge in itself. If you were so busy, learn to reach out to leadership, charge nu...
  3. Pulmonary Embolism | Knowledge is Power

    Thank you for your reply. I had listed Covid 19 as a condition that places you at risk for PE. Yes, there are studies on vaccines and blood clots. The Johnson and Johnson vaccine, I believe is the one most attached to the blood clot issue. I hope in ...
  4. Pulmonary Embolism | Knowledge is Power

    So glad you listened to your son and went to the ED. I work in the ICU and we see this scenario all too often. Having mild symptoms makes it so much more difficult to decide if you need medical help or not. I tell patients that are having CP, wouldn'...
  5. What you should know about pulmonary embolism What can cause PE The risk for PE Symptoms of PE Treatment of PE Things you can do Overview Our circulatory system is made up of veins and arteries that move bl...
  6. Nursing Then and Now

    I have been in ICU nursing for 40 years. I have seen so many changes. I remember when you had a head nurse. Then nurse manager and then changed to service manager. They thought taking the name nurse out would somehow improve things?? When I was PT an...
  7. Well, I'm old school. Over 40 years in ICU and still working. We had SG caths a lot. I never had or seen a balloon rupture. Thank God. Yes, there was a lot of literature that terminated the cath as a frequent monitoring device in the ICU. They are al...
  8. Impella Heart Pump | Knowledge is Power

    I love Impella. We are starting to use it in our ICU. Great info!
  9. Frustrated with New Manager

    Have you approached him with an agency, float pool, cross training, or bonus money for extra shifts? I would reach out to your physicians for help with talking to the administration about concerns. I would say, at this time I can't charge and care fo...
  10. Regret becoming a nurse

    Sounds like you are still in orientation? It takes at least 2 years for a nurse to really get their feet wet, so to speak. You need to speak with your clinician about how you feel. They should be able to help you. It is scary to start working on the ...
  11. ICU interview

    So glad to hear you're wanting to go into the ICU. We ask questions to try to get to know the nurse. They may ask you, tell me 3 strengths and 3 weaknesses. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Tell me about a memorable moment you had with a patient...
  12. Bedside Safety Checks in the ICU

    Handoff is one of the most important things I tell the nurses on our unit. Yes everything that has been said is important. Line reconconcilliation ( date, initals and time on tubing), dressings (date initials). If a patient has poor pulses and they...
  13. Critical care nursing tips?

    Wow, that is poor management. I suggest you find a more experinced nurse on the floor that you get along with, maybe your preceptor and use as a resource. You could reach out to your educator if you have a relationship and explain what is going on. H...
  14. You go in. No you go in. Your the RN
  15. Servie Excellence Award Winner!