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  1. Did anyone here take nutrition with portage?

    I know it's been a long time but if you have any tips for the Nutrition final exam please let me know! I have an A but I know the final is a lot more ~general~ and honestly I'm not sure how to study or prepare for it. Any tips help, thank you!
  2. Please Help: Student Loan Debt

    Which ABSN?! That's incredibly well priced. Mine is $60k total which I believe to be average... especially seeing other schools costing $100k plus
  3. Does University of Chicago have a nurse residency?

    So do you recommend going ahead and applying to jobs that say "2 years nursing experience required", and they would just automatically enroll us in the new grad residency if hired? I'm just not sure how I would get hired as an RN to actually get into...
  4. University of Washington DNP 2020

    Hi- I was wondering, what % of tuition does UW pay for if you're an employee? In Portland where I am at, if you've been an employee for 5 years they pay up to 85% (RN going to DNP program). Just trying to compare but I can't find any concrete numbers...
  5. Creighton ABSN (Phoenix) Fall 2022

    After you pay the deposit Katie emails us with a link to the fb group! Excited to meet you:)
  6. Accelerated BSN Student Loan

    Where on earth did you go for only $20K for an ABSN program? Every program I look at ends up being $50K+, it's insanity
  7. How on earth do you pay for NYU's ABSN program?

    What is your interest rate for loans through Wells Fargo? I have WF too and am trying to compare interest rates of Fed Loans and private loans through SoFi so this info would be greatly appreciated!!
  8. Shoreline Nursing Fall 2022

    Hi again, I just wanted to confirm that the 6-quarter program is about 2 years? I’ve only ever done semesters and am trying to plan the timeline correctly
  9. TUITION: ABSN/Accelerated Nursing Cost

    Thank you so much for such a thoughtful response. This is definitely why I have been so torn. I have looked into qualifying for private loans and luckily I have a great credit score so I qualified for $40k at a 6.5% interest rate. Not terrible… ...
  10. Shoreline Nursing Fall 2022

    That’s awesome, congrats!! Honestly it sounds like the move. Obviously it would take longer than a 12 month BSN but I would literally save tens and tens of thousands 😅 Did you get to choose which med/surg speciality you were in for each quarter?
  11. Shoreline Nursing Fall 2022

    Oh wow! What other clinical rotations did you have? And are you doing a new grad residency after graduation? Does UW hire RNs while they’re working to get their BSN? Also- thanks again OMG it has been so hard to find someone to answer my qu...
  12. Shoreline Nursing Fall 2022

    Thank you for getting back to me! When you say there was no preceptorship/senior practicum, do you mean you had to set up your own? Or you just didn’t have one? I guess I don’t know what preceptorship means really LOL Also- when you say onc...
  13. Shoreline Nursing Fall 2022

    Hi! Would you re Hi! Would you recommend the program? Does 6 quarters come out to be about 1.5 years? And if you don't mind me asking, what did tuition cost come out to? (ballpark number would work!) I recently got into an ABSN program (...
  14. Hi everyone... I was recently accepted to an accelerated nursing/ABSN program. I am writing because although I have already made my deposit to secure my spot, the price is haunting me and I can't tell if I am making an irresponsible decision. ...
  15. Creighton ABSN (Phoenix) Fall 2022

    ^Sorry about the double post. Also- has anyone gotten their financial aid award letter yet? I don’t know where to find mine and financial aid office hasn’t gotten back to me yet.