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Laura RN has 15 years experience and specializes in Surgery-Pain.

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  1. HPRP Michigan

    So chances are if you are selected it won’t be for a special test which is a peth test. Alcohol- shows in this test for several weeks. It’s not exactly a proven test. Neither is an ETG. but nonetheless. if you are selected for a PETH test which is a ...
  2. Nobody should drive if they are impaired, but the point was she took her PRESCRIBED MEDICATION. WHICH MAKES IT LEGAL in all 50 states. YOU have never worked and then sat down and just realized how tired you really were? HIPPA still stands it wasn’t a...
  3. Wow JUDGEMENT ITS HER RIGHT AND HER PRESCRIPTION. Do you know what happens when she doesn’t take it? Wow. Her falling asleep and Adderall have nothing to do with one another. Wow! Perhaps you should not be a nurse. Or go back to school. Read the Bibl...
  4. I get it.. but a cops job is to serve and protect. So as nurses when patients come in drunk and hurt should we say let’s not treat them? It’s the same thing. Being DRUNK OR INTOXICATED IS SET BY THE DOT. Department of transportation. If you pass the...
  5. Nurse going on probation

    Hi Brad, It’s a human mistake! MAKE SURE YOI REPORT TO THE BOARD WITHIN 30 days. If it’s substance abuse related you must do your recovery program in your state. I’m so sorry. Do not wait- it looks bad and CALL AN ATTORNEY TO BE PRESENT during i...
  6. HPRP Michigan

    They have not one complaint from a patient or on my practice of nursing I. 13 years. But on my personal life a DUI which I faced a judge for already completed probation successfully-that’s what a good citizen does. I’m a human I make mistakes- I had ...
  7. HPRP Michigan

    Oh no! Ya’ll I had got put in just before Covid! So this was a NIGHTMARE! You have no idea. I also was negative for drugs in admission- another RN failed to have integrity. Backdated a the drug test CCF and used out friendship to his advantage. That ...
  8. Failed drug test

  9. Failed drug test

    Depends. Procedure is 30 days go to state website and look at licensing board procedures. Usually you meet with an ADA and a board person first. I caution you to self report to whatever your recovery program is in your state. They are OUTRAGEOUS. Req...
  10. CFR 42 part 2

    Who is aware that HIPPA was updated on 8-14-2020? That your SUD can’t be used against you in a criminal or Administrative hearing. Your state board of nursing license is an administrative hearing. If the sole basis of there case is this- they have no...
  11. HPRP Michigan

    So I started HPRP in Michigan in feb 2020 - worst program I’ve ever seen In my life. I tried obtaining the firm that tried to sue them for the INANE fees and costs they charge. There biased opinions and ridiculous requirements. They only want your m...