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LHartnett01 has 9 years experience and specializes in Pediatric Nursing.

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  1. How Can Admin Help to Retain School Nurses?

    Thank you all for your comments! I found it interesting that positions can be so different in pay and in daily workload. This thought has inspired me to write another article because it is common that people have no concept of the responsibilities th...
  2. How Can Admin Help to Retain School Nurses?

    Experienced school nurses, we’ve all had that frightening moment. You have vomiting Vanessa in your office and you need to call THAT parent to pick her up. Her mother had used profanity when you called to ask for the student’s required Kindergarten p...
  3. End Of Year Medications

    After doing this for many years I can tell you that nothing beats the old fashioned phone call to say, "Pick up your student's inhaler/Epipen/Glucagon!" Notes and emails are simply not read and often do not reach the intended audience. It's the same ...
  4. School nurse interview

    I have been a school nurse for a long time now and my interpretation of this question relates more to population variables than the actual nursing care. In the same school you may have middle class or well of families and new immigrants or homeless c...