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  1. Hey Emily! Thank you! Congratulations to you too! PCU, that is amazing, I sort of wish I got a job in the PCU, but I guess I should be happy I got anything at all! I have started looking for apartments, and the hunt has been rough, seeing how ex...
  2. 78 hours per week?!?! That's freakin awesome! Thank you. I also found out that starting October this year they will be raising the entire pay scale by about 5% more! Thank you for letting me know Harvard Pilgrim is probably the best plan to go for...
  3. 19 years! Wow that is amazing. Thank you very much for your input, I appreciate it greatly. I'm not too focused on vacation timings, I'll take it when I can. What I am really concerned about is how often they allow for overtime work? I also want...
  4. Hello Emily! My tentative start date is August 22. However, I understand from the interview that they are flexible with start dates, and will work around NCLEX dates, relocation timing, etc. which I appreciate, so I plan on starting sometime dur...
  5. Hello fellow nurses, I am a new graduate nurse who was recently offered a New Graduate RN position at Brigham and Women's hospital (BWH) in Boston, MA. I am excited about this opportunity, but also have other job offers lined up, so I wanted to ...
  6. Stanford New Grad RN Residency August 2022

    I applied for med/surg/tele, no contact yet
  7. Stanford New Grad RN Residency August 2022

    Did you guys see the nurse strike news with Stanford?
  8. Stanford New Grad RN Residency August 2022

    Hello hello, thanks for making this. Good luck to all!
  9. Hello! I am currently a nursing student about to graduate in May 2022. I was applying to new graduate residencies, and recently scored an on-demand interview with Tufts Medical Center. I have no idea about this hospital, I am honestly just interested...