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  1. NYU ABSN Fall 2023

    I think for the most part, coursework can be very intense so you do need to manage your time well. You do get a syllabus and topical outline near the start of the sem with all of the information on there including assignments and such, so you can alw...
  2. NYU ABSN Fall 2023

    I think some thing to consider with the price tag is whether or not you will be working in a state that pays nurses well. If so, it's very reasonable to pay back the tuition that you may be taking loans on and I think the sim center and the faculty a...
  3. NYU ABSN Fall 2023

    My fourth sequence will be starting sometime around Sept 12th, so you guys are prob starting around there too.
  4. NYU Non-Accelerated/ABSN Fall 2022

    I just sent you an email!
  5. NYU Non-Accelerated/ABSN Fall 2022

    This thread is kind of dead-- if you want, you can provide me with your email and I'll respond to you there just in case you have any follow up q's.
  6. NYU ABSN Fall 2023

    No problem! I don't mind answering any questions you guys have and for the people who eventually decide to commit to NYU and create a group chat and whatnot, I don't mind answering any q's you guys have either! I love being an unofficial mentor
  7. NYU ABSN Fall 2023

    I think an important thing to keep in mind is that NYU is def very expensive, but it's a private university that's known for being really expensive. With that being said, if you choose to do nursing in NYC, any loans taken out for NYU can be paid bac...
  8. NYU ABSN Fall 2023

    I'm attending RN and I would say that it's around 120K if you get no aid and no scholarship
  9. NYU ABSN Fall 2023

    No problem! I wish you guys the best of luck on your application journey-- I know it can be very stressful, but I'll be available whenever to answer questions. You can also feel free to email me: [email protected]
  10. NYU ABSN Fall 2023

    I definitely don't regret my decision to choose Meyers-- even though the cost is really high, I've enjoyed my time here so far! I feel you do get access to a lot of great resources and there's definitely professors that are really interested in helpi...
  11. NYU ABSN Fall 2023

    They typically do it in batches, with the first round of decisions rolling out in the first week of April.
  12. NYU ABSN Fall 2023

    Hi everyone! I'm currently in my second sequence for NYU's ABSN program, so feel free to reach out if you have any questions!
  13. NYU Non-Accelerated/ABSN Fall 2022

    I think you should take the scholarship thing with a grain of salt, and just go into the program not expecting any scholarships. Although there is a scholarship newsletter every sem with scholarship opportunities, they're very competitive so it's har...
  14. NYU Non-Accelerated/ABSN Fall 2022

    I'm not sure what other people may think, but I think it's important that you make sure to answer the prompt in your statement. It would also help if you got someone else to read over your statement and give you some feedback. For my personal stateme...
  15. NYU Non-Accelerated/ABSN Fall 2022

    For the accelerated program, the calendar we received says we start Sept 12th with orientation Sept 7th

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