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  1. Children's National D.C. Residency Summer 2022

    I know Inova facilities new grad base pay is $ and they mainly start on nights
  2. Children’s National DC NICU

    That's awesome!! I start first week of august- what unit are you starting on?
  3. Children's National DC Spring 2021

    OMG! I accepted an offer for surgical care beginning august 8th too! I think we're going to be part of the same cohort 🙂
  4. Hi!! I'm a soon to be new grad and got a job on the surgical care unit at Childrens!! Would love to meet some fellow new grads in the residency program this year 🙂
  5. Children's National D.C. Residency Summer 2022

    Oops forgot to mention the new grad pay- here are the words directly from my offer letter. "Your salary will be $32.00 per hour, at 72 hours per pay period, totaling $59,904.00 annually plus shift differential. Shift differentials range from 10−25%...
  6. Children's National D.C. Residency Summer 2022

    Hi! I applied on Jan 15th and heard back from the unit manager on Feb 22nd. Before that, it showed on my portal that my "application is under review". If it shows "completed" you have not been selected for the position. I had my interview March 1st v...