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Joan Troyer RN BSN has 38 years experience and specializes in Clinical Services Nurse Specialist.

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  1. Joan Troyer RN BSN

    Which shift would you choose?

    Remember that someone must work the 6pm - 6 am or the 11 pm - 11am shift. Working nights always made me ill. I'm a "need for sunshine" person. I know there are people who can work nights without issues. But I could not. I worked 12 hr shifts in ...
  2. Joan Troyer RN BSN

    Should I resign or am I overreacting?

    You do not want a termination on your record. Resigning would be your best bet. As this is your first job, you are learning. It is not easy to be a nurse and every day you are put in situations you may believe to be unsafe. We just don't know what wi...
  3. Joan Troyer RN BSN

    Requesting feedback on hospice job offer

    I also spent 7 years in Hospice nursing. I did try what you are being offered and it lasted only 2 weeks for me, as what they told me it would be was not at all what it was ending up being. If you have Hospice experience and know what it involves, th...