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  1. ATI Critical Thinking Entrance Exam

    I did find some sample questions on the flashcard section of quizlet, but you kind of have to dig to find them. First you get flashcards about what critical thinking is, rather than sample questions.
  2. ATI Critical Thinking Entrance Exam

    That document helped me focus and I did pretty well. I did well over the cutoff score for my school and well enough to be competitive as well. Thanks!
  3. ATI Critical Thinking Entrance Exam

    My test is tomorrow morning! Thank you!
  4. ATI Critical Thinking Entrance Exam

    Thank you so much for the resource!
  5. ATI Critical Thinking Entrance Exam

    Hi, my exam is this Tuesday 4/26. I'm still looking for something. If nothing else, I'll brush up on my logical fallacies.
  6. Hello; I am looking for information on the ATI Critical Thinking Entrance Exam. In California I never heard of it from any of the nursing programs I applied to. Now (in Georgia) I'm told if my TEAS meets the threshold (75 for my school, I got a ...
  7. Order of taking prerequisites question

    I took them in the same order. The sciences won't really be affected by the stats. Micro before anatomy and physiology is a good idea for the reason stated, and in anatomy, you'll touch on physio as a matter of necessity, so when you take physiolog...