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  1. My Mum who is 82 suffers from Parkinson’s Disease (PD) and it breaks my heart to witness the suffering and variety of symptoms she has to face on a daily basis. Her medication and excellent nursing care help immensely and my Dad is an absolute saint ...
  2. Louise Mooney

    April is Parkinson's Disease Awareness Month

    I'm so sorry to hear that. It really is a horrible disease. 😥 Thank you for your kind comment.
  3. Louise Mooney

    How Mindfulness Can Make Your Shift Go More Smoothly

    Great article. I like the 'bubble' analogy. Thanks for sharing!
  4. There are more than a few medical terms and conditions that I have never heard of and don’t even know exist. This was the case up until a few days ago when I first heard about this condition. My teenage son started complaining of pain in his upper ch...
  5. Louise Mooney

    Nurse Coaching - Holistic Nursing

    Are you suffering from bedside burnout and would like to transition into a more flexible workplace? Have you heard the term ‘Nurse Coach’ but don’t actually know what it means? Are you interested in a career where you get to spend quality time with ...
  6. Louise Mooney

    Nurse Coaching - Holistic Nursing

    Thank you for your encouraging reply. I agree that nurses are a good fit to be coaches with their education and wealth of life experience. The trusting and caring relationship they have had with their patients comes naturally in a coaching environme...
  7. Louise Mooney

    Nurse Coaching - Holistic Nursing

    Hi, You'll find more about improving patient outcomes in my first reference - The Nurse Coaching Textbook. The other two references are course and board certification related for Nurse Coaching. Hope that helps!
  8. Louise Mooney

    Pushing Back on a "Pill for every Ill"

    Thank you for sharing this interesting article Kristi. How much better would it be if our patients could reduce their medication intake by improving their overall lifestyle? Exercise and improved nutrition can't be overestimated!