CNA, CMA, CPT; DONA trained Birth Doula

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nmzimm28 has 6 years experience and specializes in SNF/LTC/Memory/ALF.

  Started off my career in healthcare in 2008 as a birth doula.  In 2016 I began working for DHS: Seniors and people with disabilities as a HCW (homeware worker).  In 2017, I completed accredited program and passed OSBN (Oregon State Board of Nursing) State Exam.  The next two years I worked full-time in SNF & LTC....became restless.  I worked agency/per diem CNA but not surprisingly I wanted to learn more and decided to complete the CMA program and pass OSBN State Exam in 2019.  As much as I enjoy working with Geriatric population I really missed attending births and helping patients at the beginning of life rather than the end.

 I have a BS, Class of 2010; focus in Organismal Biology. In 2019, I finally landed on what my career goal was: to become a Certified Nurse Midwife.  The most logical path was to apply to ABSN programs.  But little did I know, all the science/statistics classes required were no longer valid d/t 7 year expiration.  Sooooo I ended up enrolling in Post-bacc Pre-Nursing; completed in Spring of 2021.  Worked as CMA in ALF during the pandemic. Summer of 2021 I became state & nationally certified phlebotomy technician.  

  I ended up leaving the ALF in Feb. of 2022 d/t toxic work environment and questionable medication pass practices.  Now I'm back in SNF/LTC  as CMA Float/Travel for Avamere and a lot happier for it.  One day, when I'm richer or my school debt disappears magically--I'll get the damn BSN....work in L&D as Perinatal Nurse until I get enough knowledge & experience to apply and get accepted into OHSU-Nurse Midwifery Graduate program.

  I'm happiest when I'm learning so I figure if I'm always moving towards my goal....one acronym at a time....one day I'll achieve my goal.  Luckily I don't plan on retiring....I'm too much of a busy body for that life 🙂

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  1. Soooo I'm a float pool/travel CMA in Oregon (SNF & LTC) and recently I've picked up shifts at a facility that has some questionable practices. At this particular place I have two halls with about 16 residents each to pass meds to (two different ...