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  1. Chaffey College Spring 2023

    Hey, congrats on your acceptance 🥳 this semester parking was free so I’m pretty sure they’ll do the same for next semester. I’m also on board with making a facebook group! I’ll see if I can get one started, if not you can start one if you’d like😇.
  2. Chaffey College Spring 2023

    I’ve heard there’s usually about 10! But I wouldn’t worry, a lot of people get accepted elsewhere so they end up declining their spots. Wishing you positive vibes moving forward😊
  3. Chaffey College Spring 2023

    Hey, yes! This is for Chaffey College in Rancho. I wasn’t part of this current application cycle, I was actually part of this current cohort’s (fall 2022) but due to a few things I had to leave and start off fresh next semester. I just got a bit ahea...
  4. Chaffey College Spring 2023

    Hi guys! First and foremost, congrats to those who got in and can’t wait to meet all of you very soon 🥳💗 I decided to start this post in an effort to communicate with all of those who will be part of this upcoming Spring cohort. These next two years...
  5. Chaffey college fall 2022

    Thank you so much ! I’ll go ahead and add the group RN and I hope you all are completing the requirements. Can’t wait to meet you guys. 🥳
  6. Chaffey college fall 2022

    Hey, I want to say like 40 are accepted ! I think that’s what I heard a while back 🤨
  7. Chaffey college fall 2022

    And Cinvela, congrats! A lot of people end up choosing other programs so seats open up very quickly. I would message the ADN staff or the ADN director to ask where you rank. Good luck 🙂
  8. Chaffey college fall 2022

    I’m kind of debating on if I should start studying already or just enjoy these next few months of freedom until school starts. It’s going to be a journey nonetheless 😂 I feel like there’s so much to do already and I don’t know where to begin haha.
  9. Chaffey college fall 2022

    I did! But I wasn’t notified of either a rejection or acceptance at all. I’m thinking they might announce it during orientation? At least, I hope so haha. Also, how are you guys starting to prepare for the semester? I’m excited but overwhelmed at the...
  10. Chaffey college fall 2022

    Hey guys, congrats! 🎉 I got in as well. Can’t wait for the semester to start. Did anyone here get in to the ADN-BSN concurrent enrollment program?
  11. RCC Fall 2022 Nursing

    Has anyone here heard back from rcc regarding a TEAS invite for the ADN traditional application?