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  1. UIC Fall 2022 BSN Program

    Not yet, my status did change from incomplete to ready for review. I’m gonna check my email frequently the next two weeks cause the interviews are tentatively scheduled for Feb 28-March 4th!
  2. UIC Fall 2022 BSN Program

    Hi! My overall GPA is 3.76 and my science GPA is a 3.80. I’ve been working as a PCT in a hospital and have volunteer experience as well. They have a pretty holistic application process. Some of my coworkers got in with a 2.70, so everyone has a chanc...
  3. UIC Fall 2022 BSN Program

    So I just submitted my application and I’m incredibly anxious about the coming months. I made this thread to support each other during this time and give updates for us in the future! If we submitted everything, I believe we have a chance of getting ...