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Murse EZ has 5 years experience as a ADN.

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  1. Murse EZ

    New Job: Dealing With Coworker Judgment

    Thanks. You seem to be one of the kind nur as es out there. Often I know if someone wants updates only, because they either request that or I know them because I relieved them the prior shift. I did ask this "lady" if the patient was new to her. She ...
  2. Murse EZ

    New Job: Dealing With Coworker Judgment

    Thanks brother. I do get mostly love and appreciation, and I should let that (which is the majority of input) be what I take with me, not the words and actions of a few malcontents.
  3. As a male nurse I find that I'm sort of a novelty. Many of my female counterparts are unsure if they can take me seriously. Do I play the suave guy? Do I try to please everyone? Or do I just act naturally and not worry about any of the social aspects...