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Bluepen has 2 years experience and specializes in Med Surg.

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  1. Question about IV push

    Thank you so much! He does have a port. I am currently at the chemo appointment with relative and waiting to start.
  2. Question about IV push

    All good questions. I have not tried it since I was not sure how you can control giving the medication slow within 3-5 minutes. They give meds before the chemo like Zofran, dexamethasone, etc. But maybe I will go to the next appointment and tell them...
  3. Question about IV push

    When I give IV push, I will stop the IV fluids and disconnect the tubing and give the medication through the peripheral catheter. When I went to a different hospital for a family member's chemo appt, I noticed that a few nurses were giving the IV pus...
  4. Did you see the baby that stopped breathing at a grocery store? An ICU nurse did CPR and saved their life. I like how she was calm in the moment then panicked and cried later. I am like that too. I am calm in the moment and then afterwards it will al...
  5. Bed Alarm

    I got report about a patient that had delirium and had a fall after fainted at his SNF. Ten minutes after report I saw the charge nurse trying to keep the patient from leaving the room. I ran. She held his arm and I held his waist from the back. Not ...
  6. Time Management

    Everyone thank you for your tips on time management, I have tried many of them and they have made my shifts so much easier.
  7. Time Management

    It is an observation unit. The ER sends us anyone that they are not sure about and we hold patients when the hospital is full. We have 60 beds but usually only staffed to take 40 patients. We have PSAs and they get 10-16 patients. On average we star...
  8. Time Management

    I have been a night shift nurse a hospital for a year and a half. I still am not good at managing my time from 7:30-10. Any tips?
  9. Starting Salary

    It was changed recently. It is $32/hour starting.
  10. New ADN Grad, newly pregnant - OK to wait?

    Our hospital's new grad fellowship wants you to have less than 1 year experience. That is considered a new grad. Of course, I'm sure if you graduated a few years ago then it may look like you forgot things. So I would not take too long. At least appl...
  11. Night Shift Advice

    Day 1: Sleep in during the morning. Day 2 & 3: Sleep from 9 or 10 am-5 pm. Tips on Sleeping. - blackout curtain - alarm clock that plays beach sounds - eat breakfast and if it was stressful shift then get breakfast fro...
  12. Radonda Vaught Trial

    This is a sad story. I can't understand at all how she missed all the checks. But I feel empathy that she was floating. What a horrific story.
  13. Nursing Judgement vs Physician Orders

    I don't always agree with the HCP, but I am not afraid to tell them especially if I feel that it will be harmful to the patient. I will also tell my charge nurse, RRT, and document in the patient's chart that I told them. Usually documenting the note...
  14. Acute Care NPs - To do a residency or not?

    I think you should do it. It sounds like a good opportunity. I did not know that was available to NPs . I will look for that in the future when I become an NP. My cousin had to do a 3 year residency program when she graduated from medical school. The...
  15. Dilaudid

    A Dilalala is a patient that always says that their pain is a ten. They refuse all pain medicine except Dilaudid. Then they hit the call light every 3-4 hours when they can get more Dilaudid even at 4 am. As if their phone has a reminder. If you are ...

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