A Baby Stops Breathing at a Grocery Store ― An ICU Nurse Steps In


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Did you see the baby that stopped breathing at a grocery store? An ICU nurse did CPR and saved their life. I like how she was calm in the moment then panicked and cried later. I am like that too. I am calm in the moment and then afterwards it will all hit me at once. I would be nervous in that situation too. On TV they make it seem so easy to step in and save a life in public. But it is not easy to do.

Like she said. "I've been an ICU nurse since 2008. I've been in very critical moments with patients, life or death situations. I help save people all the time at the hospital. Most of the time, you know what you're getting. You can prepare. You have everything you need, and everyone knows what to do. You know what the worst will look like. You know the outcome. But this was something else. You read about things like this. You hear about them. But you never think it'll happen to you ― until it happens." - Binta Diallo, RN, BSN, CCRN,

 Anyway God bless this nurse! 


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Thank god she was there. Respiratory arrest is the #1 cause of death for infants and children. Rescue breathing is key and this is something that everyone should know - to save their child or a bystander 😊