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  1. Worth it to Travel for One Contract?

    An NP has to list all of his/her work history on the credentialing application when they apply for credentials. It can become quite tedious to add in all of the short term gigs that you’ve had. You’d probably keep about half of that $75k becaus...
  2. New Grad Entering ER

    Your residency program should prepare you to become a full fledged ER RN. Listen to your educator, review the material that you are taught during the residency daily and consider studying for the CEN. When you have questions, be sure to ask them.
  3. Worth it to Travel for One Contract?

    In ten years when you are listing the travel contract for 3 months as another job that someone has to verify for your credentials, its just going to annoy you that you have yet another job to list. It’s also another W2 at the end of the year. It's up...
  4. Travel RNs Making $$ - Would you go back to it?

    I am traveling as an RN instead of working as an NP right now. Just a gentle reminder: working as an RN is A LOT more work than working as an NP and there are lots of other inconveniences as well: night shift, scanning bar codes, serving meals and ho...
  5. Hospital requiring ER nurses to chart full admission assessment

    I have seen several hospitals require a full admission assessment after a patient has officially become an inpatient. I think it is a joint commission standard but we would have to Google to double check.
  6. Should all EDs have a Triage Nurse?

    My understanding is that there needs to be a nurse who can see all of the patients in the waiting room at all times based on joint commission requirements. Thus, if there are no registered patients in the ER, no RN is needed but if there are register...