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  1. Brittany Martin

    ACC - Alamance CC - ADN program Fall 2022

    No but I did get into 3 other school . I will be attending forsyth tech in Aug
  2. Brittany Martin

    FTCC Forsyth tech ADN 2022

    I got in too. My name is Brittany Martin. Let’s follow each other on facebook.
  3. Brittany Martin

    Davison Davie CC ADN Fall 2022

    Congratulations 🎊 I got placed #3 in the alternate list but I did get into another schools RN program
  4. Brittany Martin


    I got a denial letter but I figured. My points were low but it’s okay. I got accepted into 2 other school … Mitchell CC and Davison Davie ! I’m still waiting to hear back from FTCC
  5. Brittany Martin

    Mitchell CC ADN Fall 2022

    I got my acceptance letter today ‼️ Yay !
  6. Brittany Martin

    Davidson-Davie LPN to RN Hybrid Fall 2022

    I had 24 points I believe and 86% on the TEAS . I was accepted for the LPN program and #3 on alternate list for the RN program
  7. Brittany Martin


    School advisors sucks and it’s a shame that no one tells you everything you need to know to get into nursing school . I wish what I know now I knew almost 10 years ago.
  8. Brittany Martin

    Rccc ADN program Fall 2022

    Has anyone wanting to or submitted an application to Rowan Cabarrus Community College ? How many points do you have ?
  9. Has anyone put in an application or wanting to get into ECPI charlotte location ADN program that starts in April?
  10. Has anyone applied to Queens university of Charlotte BSN program for Fall 2022?
  11. Brittany Martin

    Davison Davie CC ADN Fall 2022

    Hi, has anyone applied to Davison Davie Community College ADN program?
  12. Brittany Martin

    Forsyth Tech CC ADN program fall 2022

    Less than a month until deadline. Has anyone applied for the ADN program?
  13. Brittany Martin

    GTCC/ NC A&T RIBN Program Fall 2022

    Has anyone applied to the RIBN dual program though GTCC? Submitted my application yesterday. I had an 86 on my TEAS test.
  14. Hi, has anyone applied to Alamance Community college ? How many points did you have and what was your TEAS score? I mailed my application in with 35 points and I had an 86 % on my TEAS. Not happy with my score but worth a try !
  15. Brittany Martin

    FALL 2022 applications

    Hi, I live in Winston Salem,NC I finished my pre req this fall semester and took my TEAS exam that I passed with an 86% so far I’ve applied to Davison Davie community college, Forsyth Tech community college (FTCC) , GTCC , WS...