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  1. UCI BSN Fall 2023

    Hi! I'm applying to transfer to UCI, and curious to hear from anyone else who is, too! My overall GPA isn't great (3.5), but my science GPA is a little better (3.7ish). I have some work experience, 3 years full time as an EMT, and I'm currentl...
  2. Golden West College (GWC) ADN Fall 2023

    okay, I found the old criteria to compare I would have had a max of 91 points and only needed a 70% on the TEAS to get 81 points. I was looking at the t...
  3. Hey! It might be a little early to start this, given that applications aren't open yet, but I noticed that the multi-criteria points system was updated in September 2022. I thought I remembered being in better shape when I looked at the old points ...
  4. Hi! I hope its okay to post here, I was hoping to get some insight from current/former nursing students, if anyone cares to read. ? I apologize in advance for the length. I'm a pre-nursing student attending community college in CA. I'm curren...
  5. UCI BSN transfer student 2022

    hey, I'm thinking about applying to the next cycle in 2023! I'd love to hear about how this process goes for you two! ?
  6. CSUF Transfer-BSN Fall 2022

    oh wait, I may have just found it? are you talking about the student homepage, there's rows of buttons like "academic records," "financial aid," etc? theres something that says tasks but under that it says no current tasks for me
  7. CSUF Transfer-BSN Fall 2022

    no, I don't even see a to do list ?
  8. CSUF Transfer-BSN Fall 2022

    my semester is over in a couple of weeks, so I'm definitely going to wait until I can upload an updated transcript, especially since I have some science prereqs in progress this semester. then I have to order my archived AP scores, which is supposed...
  9. CSUF Transfer-BSN Fall 2022

    oh, that's really odd! maybe they're just expecting us to accurately self-report, then? because I don't see any other info about language proficiency
  10. hi, I was looking into the CNA program at Saddleback Community College in SoCal, but they don't have a lot of info available online. I missed the last info session for the semester, and I was hoping someone here had been through the program or ...
  11. CSUF Transfer-BSN Fall 2022

    that's a little odd, because the only part of the application where I see any mention of foreign language is in the "personal information" section. It just asks if you have proficiency in a second language, but I don't see anything suggesting we nee...
  12. CSUF Transfer-BSN Fall 2022

    I was wondering about the language too, actually. I didn't see anywhere on the supplemental application to provide any kind of documentation for that. I took French in high school and I know the transcripts will qualify me as "proficient" for...
  13. CSUF Transfer-BSN Fall 2022

    I just know that CSUF used to only accept college freshmen or current CSUF student applicants to the traditional pre-licensure BSN program, there was no pathway for students who completed GEs and prereqs at community college and then wanted to transf...
  14. CSUF Transfer-BSN Fall 2022

    yeah, I would expect so. it seems weird that they would have a cohort of just 5-10 people alone. the website says that some years they might not have any openings for UDT, so maybe the openings are due to students dropping out of the regular BSN pa...
  15. CSUF Transfer-BSN Fall 2022

    Yep! I used a GPA calculator for my prereq GPA and went off the points system on that page. I didn't ask about the cohort, but tbh I was wondering the same thing once I found out how few spots there were. I also asked them about admission rate...