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  1. SCRIPPS New Grad RN Residency (August/October 2022)

    Hello all! I applied to Scripps June New Grad Residency Program in March. I did the video interview and later my status said I was being considered or something like that. Later it said job closed and I never heard back. I got a call last week to ask...
  2. Sharp New Grad Summer 2022

    Has anyone who has been interviewed receive a job offer yet?
  3. UCSD New Grad Residency July 2022

    Hello all! My status changed for Labor & Delivery. I applied last cycle before I had my license and did not get referred. Hoping this time I get an interview!
  4. UCSD New Grad Residency Jan/Feb 2022

    I was actually wondering the same thing. I just graduated a week before you. I am curious to see if anyone got “referred to hiring” isn’t licensed yet.
  5. UCSD New Grad Residency Jan/Feb 2022

    Those of you who have gotten interviews or hired how did you form your resume? Mine is two pages I tried to highlight my experience. Any tips on what to include on there or how to format to be more competitive?
  6. UCSD New Grad Residency Jan/Feb 2022

    Oh man mine still says application received! Good luck!
  7. UCSD New Grad Residency Jan/Feb 2022

    I applied to 4 positions. The one I wanted the most is L&D but I am worried because my status just says "application received". Has your status changed?
  8. UCSD New Grad Residency Jan/Feb 2022

    Hello everyone! New Grad Nurse here! Just graduated and wondering if anyone else has applied to the UCSD New Grad Residency? Don’t know if anyone who has applied yet has heard back? My statuses just say “open”.