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Susan Sears has 17 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Rehabilitation Nurse, LTC Manager, Freelancer.

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  1. Burnout is a work-related stress syndrome resulting from chronic exposure to job stress, and healthcare is a leader in work-related stresses. In Long Term Care (LTC), long before the pandemic, nurses were burned out; the pandemic just magnified the a...
  2. Susan Sears

    Nursing Homes Short Staffing Causes and Effects

    I do agree we should only count nurses truly working on the floor. Unfortunately, the state requirements are so vague that it is easy for a facility to save money by counting nurses this way. Though, this type of practice just adds stress to the flo...
  3. Short staffing in nursing homes due to cost-cutting decisions, nurses retiring due to age, or the added stresses of COVID-19, along with increases in patient caseload and complexity have played a pivotal part in the short-staffing crisis. The results...
  4. Susan Sears

    How Long-Term Care Facilities Can Reduce Staff Burnout

    I am not sure about no bedside experience if this qualifies as no bedside experience...8 plus years on the floor in sub-acute care and LTC as a floor nurse. Then another five-plus managing the unit. I feel I have a pretty good idea of how both worked...
  5. Susan Sears

    How Long-Term Care Facilities Can Reduce Staff Burnout

  6. Nurses and Direct care workers (DCW), such as certified nursing assistants (CNA) or nursing assistance (NA), provide most care in a long-term care facility. They regularly assist the patients with medication administration, wound care, toileting, bat...
  7. Susan Sears

    Managing the Holidays

    What are some of your ideas to make the Holidays brighter for you, your family and your patients? No one wants to be in the hospital on Christmas; staff or patients. Only the staff that are required to work and the very sick who cannot go home ...
  8. I know our hospital is only allotted a certain amount of pay for orientation and it does not include overtime. I have told people I was orientating to punch out and go and as the preceptor I finish whatever needs to be finished or stay with the patie...
  9. Susan Sears

    Mandatory Overtime

    In Michigan, it is hospital-specific. I work for a hospital that does not mandate but offers incentives like $40.00 an hour extra per shift when they are short-staffed. Yet a mile down the road, the local hospital mandates constantly. I worked for a ...