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  1. Floor Staff Pre Pulling Medications

    Time management is a requirement for long term care, but it is manageable and can be done safely and properly. I’m not saying lower ratios wouldn’t benefits the staff and residents but it’s not a reason for this behavior. I’ve worked 3-11...
  2. Floor Staff Pre Pulling Medications

    While I get that med passes are heavy in LTC, it is possible to pass meds to patients properly. I have done it for years and never have I used meds pre pulled by other nurses. typically the morning med pass is the heaviest then it’s a few t...
  3. Floor Staff Pre Pulling Medications

    This is definitely not a practice I would ever be involved in. I want to fix this at my facility but it seems these are very much set ways of these nurses that Im not sure I can fix it. I have been very vocal about my concerns with them doing this an...
  4. Floor Staff Pre Pulling Medications

    We are currently in between DONs, new one should be starting soon but as of right now I am kind of alone in this. Staff has been in building for a good while, so it seems it’s probably been going on for awhile. I am very concerned about survey, ...
  5. Floor Staff Pre Pulling Medications

    Management, new to the building so just finding these things out. It seems to me other managements knows and doesn’t do anything to correct it. I plan to have a discussion with them about it further and plans for fixing these issues.
  6. New to a facility and have recently learned that floor staff is pre pulling medications for the next shift. These medications are being popped from a blister pack and then are unidentifiable pills in med cups with resident info labeled and the next n...