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I work for a local health system in case management/utilization review. Looking to connect and share ideas with other inpatient case managers in order to grow our case management department. Our department has RN case managers and social workers, and originally the case managers came to be during Covid when things were a bit crazy for social work. Now that things are a bit more calm, we find that our case managers often do initial meetings/d/c screens of new patients and collaborate with social work with d/c needs and such but would really like the nurses to be more involved. I’m thinking education, assisting floor staff and so on. We do have diabetic education, cardio navigators and such that we work with for patients that need those things but would like to get the inpatient case managers more involved and not just doing an initial visit then passing it on to SW. Anyone willing to share what their day looks like as an IP case manager or ideas we could trial and possibly implement? 


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