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Prissc92 has 10 years experience and specializes in Medical assistant.

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  1. Long Beach City College 2023

    You should email them in regards to that, I know many schools have a cut-off date for accepting TEAS 6. Not too sure on exact date as it varies, but many say after mid July 2022 they only accept TEAS 7. If accepted into the program or selected as an ...
  2. Long Beach City College 2023

    Hello! Yes the next email we will receive will either be a denial or an email saying we are moving to the second phase. Last semester I was one of the 1,000 students that did not receive an email at all due to a system glitch. So I am hoping that doe...
  3. Long Beach City College 2023

    No, unfortunately that email does not show us the documents that were submitted.
  4. Long Beach City College 2023

    That’s nice! I haven’t taken the TEAS either so I’m only applying to LBCC and CSUF since most schools require it. I’ll be taking 2 additional courses for El Camino College so I could apply to their program as well but that won’t be until Spring time,...
  5. Long Beach City College 2023

    Same here 3rd time applying ☺️ For my supporting documents I only attached my transcripts and Associates degree that I earned for biological sciences. I didn’t need to do the life sciences since I completed all my courses at LBCC. Are you ladies only...
  6. Long Beach City College 2023

    Hello everyone! Today is the first day to apply at LBCC ADN Spring 2023 and I wanted to create the forum so we can share our status a long the way. & not miss out on any important emails/dates. Best of luck to us! ✨
  7. LBCC ADN Program Fall 2022

    I know! It’s strange. Did you email anyone in the health and science department? Was this your first time applying?
  8. LBCC ADN Program Fall 2022

    I emailed (MODERATOR EDIT OF NAME) today since I did not receive an email either and he said that all emails went out already and is not sure why I did not receive anything. He said he checked to see if there were any emails saying undelivered but di...
  9. LBCC ADN Program Fall 2022

    How weird! I haven’t received anything, and I know people got one saying they were moving to the second phase yesterday as well. I’ll probably be getting one by this week then, if not I’ll have to contact (MODERATOR EDIT OF NAME).
  10. LBCC ADN Program Fall 2022

    Did you receive an email?
  11. LBCC ADN Program Fall 2022

    Awe! OK, yea I did not get that email. Guess I didn’t mKe it to the next phase this time. Well, wishing everyone who did the BEST!!🙏😊
  12. LBCC ADN Program Fall 2022

    😬 was it a denial email or an email saying you are moving forward?
  13. LBCC ADN Program Fall 2022

    Really? Was it saying you were denied or moving to the next phase.
  14. LBCC ADN Program Fall 2022

    Hello! 🙂 This is also my second time applying to the program. The first time which was for Spring 2022, I was chosen as an alternate and attended their meeting; however, did not get an email back saying someone dropped and I was accepted. Hoping...
  15. Long Beach City College (LBCC) ADN Spring 2022

    I got that email yesterday as well! You did great on the TEAS, hope they just accept that transcript. I know usually if you fail that’s when you need to take remediation or something like that I read on their site. Thank you for the tips though, I am...