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  1. Thrombectomy complications

    Had my first mechanical thrombectomy for DVT. Wondering about complications of this procedure? The bleeding/CMS changes make sense. The patient’s leg was still red with edema after the procedure, this is how the patient presented. Wondering if this i...
  2. NEW GJ placement question - help

    Hello, had a pt with a new GJ placed. It was to gravity for a few hours and then was supposed to be clamped after. It had 75 mL of dark brownish/red output for the several hours it was to gravity, is this normal? Should I have reported to the doctor?...
  3. When to report chest pain

    Hello! Quick question here about chest pain. As a part of my assessment on every patient, I ask about chest pain. However, sometimes I struggle to know what needs to be paged out to the doctor. Normally I always caution on the safe side but for ...
  4. Hello everyone! Looking for advice on a med error I just realized I made 2 days ago. I randomly start thinking about work and just realized I made a mistake. To make a long story short, there was a situation where I needed to give IV ativan. Not real...
  5. Will I be fired?

    New nurse here, pt became physically violent towards staff. I was in the midst of giving the pt medications when I got an order for restraints. The charge nurse grabbed the restraints which included wrist and vest restraints. We got the pt in them, d...