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  1. Sheri Jeffrey

    Making a decision

    I do excel academically but I just didn’t want to seem like a failure if I at least didn’t try. I aced my LPN school and that’s why I was so disappointed but you’re right…… thank you so much for the advice.
  2. Sheri Jeffrey

    Making a decision

    Yea I’m eligible to test, I only took the test one time…. You have three attempts at the test before remediation is needed but it doesn’t matter how long In between the test are taken, just you had three attempts to get it.
  3. Sheri Jeffrey

    Making a decision

    Hi, we’ll I have a question. I passed my nursing course at a for profit school in NC and we practically had to teach ourselves. I graduated in 2014. I took my exam but failed due to stress that was going on in my life, IDK really because I aced nursi...