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GGLynnRN has 8 years experience as a ASN, BSN, RN and specializes in Putting out fires.

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  1. https://elsevier.health/en-US/preview/intramuscular-injections-hhc this explains my previous post. I was taught vastus lateralis or deltoid using z-track and never taught aspiration.
  2. GGLynnRN

    Mandating nurse to patient ratios

    Hi! I was curious to hear opinions on mandating nurse to patient ratios. Do you think this may be part of the solution in reducing nursing shortage? Do you think it would improve care and prevent burnout? Interested and open to views from all nursing specialties. Please give reasons for your opinions. Thank you.
  3. Hi I have been in Psychiatric nursing for the last 5 years and have worked with ages 10-98. My question is I am looking for a better work/life balance and have never worked at a doctor’s office or clinic. It is not about the money, but I feel I could be put to better use. I see the same children and adults come through the psych facility I work at and rarely do I have the notion they will not be back. I love it, but feel like Sisyphus pushing the boulder up a steep hill. I would love to have a M-F, no weekends or holidays schedule. I see they will hire a Med asst, LPN or RN. So are the duties the same for each? Can anyone who works in a peds outpatient clinic give me a typical day and specific duties and any advice? It would be most appreciated! How long would I be oriented?
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    I find it irritating how passive aggressive some co-workers are when they get mad and when it is attempted to be addressed at the time, and they say “it’s fine” and will not talk about it. I can understand they may be upset, and need a moment. But this running to supervisor or management is ridiculous! I have had this happen to me. I have been accused of not being a team player and hiding. I am a team player, I will help you, but I am not going to do someone else’s job. I do not hide. My co-workers are so loud, I have had to ask them to be more quiet so I can hear when a doctor is giving me orders. But they keep talking. Grr! So I go to a quieter place. When my manager told me that I hide and am not a team player she would not give me examples of this and said it was not her job!!! She said “everyone” was saying when I asked who said those things. I knew this was a lie! There are a handful of people who are cliquish and gossip about everyone and are friends with the immediate nursing supervisor. Walking by her office is a tell tale sign of the “pot stirrers”, who run at every turn.