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GGLynnRN has 9 years experience as a ASN, BSN, RN and specializes in Putting out fires.

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  1. this explains my previous post. I was taught vastus lateralis or deltoid using z-track and never taught aspiration.
  2. I was never taught aspiration, I was taught z-track.
  3. Mandating nurse to patient ratios

    I too have read studies showing lower patient mortality rates with lowered nurse to patient ratios. I have had to hit the ground running beginning of shift right after “an update hand off”. I like to read the history, orders etc and reasons for admis...
  4. Mandating nurse to patient ratios

    Thank you for responding! Do you find having the ratio and not having unit clerks, RTs and CNAs just as stressful? I definitely think a ratio is a step in the right direction, and believe it will eventually spread across the United States-may take ye...
  5. Hi! I was curious to hear opinions on mandating nurse to patient ratios. Do you think this may be part of the solution in reducing nursing shortage? Do you think it would improve care and prevent burnout? Interested and open to views from all nursing...
  6. Hi I have been in Psychiatric nursing for the last 5 years and have worked with ages 10-98. My question is I am looking for a better work/life balance and have never worked at a doctor’s office or clinic. It is not about the money, but I feel I could...
  7. Bullying

    I find it irritating how passive aggressive some co-workers are when they get mad and when it is attempted to be addressed at the time, and they say “it’s fine” and will not talk about it. I can understand they may be upset, and need a moment. But th...