IP Psychiatric Nursing to OP Pediatric Nursing transition


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Hi I have been in Psychiatric nursing for the last 5 years and have worked with ages 10-98. My question is I am looking for a better work/life balance and have never worked at a doctor’s office or clinic. It is not about the money, but I feel I could be put to better use. I see the same children and adults come through the psych facility I work at and rarely do I have the notion they will not be back.  I love it, but feel like Sisyphus pushing the boulder up a steep hill.  I would love to have a M-F, no weekends or holidays schedule. I see they will hire a Med asst, LPN or RN. So are the duties the same for each? Can anyone who works in a peds outpatient clinic give me a typical day and specific duties and any advice? It would be most appreciated! How long would I be oriented?