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  1. Animal abuse

    If you ever decide to get into advocacy on this, shoot me a message! I believe strongly in this too! Animals are, arguably, more vulnerable than humans (with the exception of kids and elderly) since they can't communicate their needs.
  2. Scrubs

    There are specialty scrub store, and I'm sure they have them no matter what state/where you live. I would check into this before anything else. I've also seen scrubs at walmart. Goodwill always has a section jam packed with (mostly mismatched) s...
  3. What should I do before starting my ABSN?

    I start my program in about a week! I also worked during my gap year (-ish, more like months). I can't even express how bored I got (worked in dermatology)! I miss being in school ? I'm such a type A person where I like to get a jump start on things.
  4. What should I do before starting my ABSN?

    Following this thread! I just ordered "NCLEX-RN questions & answers made incredibly easy!" since once of my professors put it under her highly recommended on the syllabus. ?
  5. Fellow bloggers: Help!

    Honestly, when I took A&P, I was not a fan of reading more anatomy outside a textbook. If your resources are mostly just bulk text I would work on creating photos/art/visuals! I also feel like facebook is not the platform that it onc...
  6. Loyola University Chicago ABSN Spring 2022

    Did anyone else register for classes (hybrid) yet? I did last night!! I saw that it was "TBA" on the time for our classes-- Does it mean that there will be a specific time for a zoom meeting or is it entirely self paced? My boss is pressu...
  7. Loyola University Chicago ABSN Spring 2022

    Randomly logged onto my portal last night because I was paranoid that something was missing. Lo and behold I had an application update, and was admitted! Got my official letter and phone call today too <3 Super excited to start this journey. Hope ...
  8. Loyola University Chicago ABSN Spring 2022

    Hi! I applied to the Downers grove campus late but I’m looking to hear back in 1.5 weeks! I’m local to the Downers grove campus (I live in lisle!). I am originally from California, and moved here to pursue pharmacy school. I dropped out not long a...