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    Moving out as a New Grad

    Hi everyone! I would like to start off and say I’m just thinking for the future and trying to just get some thoughts started about this topic in my life so that I have some sort of plan later down the road. Currently I am 1 semester away from graduating and getting my ADN and then taking my NCLEX after that. I prospect getting a job and working towards online RN-to-BSN school while working and I know in the area I live in, the nursing positions are allowing that. Right now I am still living at home with my family but it is an extremely toxic environment (mentally/emotionally abusive dad) and as I got further into school it got harder to study / work given the home situation I was in. My plan as of now is to stay home for at least another year to save up and budget my take-home pay so that I can rent comfortably. Does anyone have any advice on what else I should consider? or any other tweaks to the plan I should make? Thank you so much!