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OB, OB surgical tech, nursing education
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Brenda Montoya has 21 years experience and specializes in OB, OB surgical tech, nursing education.

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  1. Brenda Montoya

    COVID Forever Changed Our Society

    Great article and I can agree on most points. I wish everyone would be lining up for the vaccine, but of the many health care providers I work with, I can name only two who have sought exemption. I do not know why they needed or wanted to decline the...
  2. Brenda Montoya

    COVID: It's Time to be Outspoken

    Great article and a very resounding call to action for us nurses. It’s time to raise our voice to be heard above all the misinformation and rhetoric clouding people’s judgment. Congratulations on winning the contest.
  3. Brenda Montoya

    Changing the Conversation about COVID to Get More People Vaccinated

    Congratulations on winning the contest! Your article has definitely stirred up some conversations amongst ourselves. I agree we need to figure out a way to reframe why vaccinations are important, outside the context of mandates and scare tactics. Cer...
  4. Brenda Montoya

    At War With Ourselves

    As a nurse from a younger generation, (graduating class of 2000) I also find nurses who are against vaccinations without reasonable cause confusing. We too were required to be vaccinated against Hepatitis, Tetanus and the flu, as well as prove our ch...
  5. Brenda Montoya

    COVID-19: How Can Nurses Help Turn the Tide? | Article Contest

    I feel so honored to be selected as one of the winners! I agree there were some pretty fantastic submissions and I am humbled to be one of the few chosen. Thank you everyone who read and commented on my article. I enjoyed writing it and can’t wait to...
  6. Brenda Montoya

    A Nurse's Power to Turn the Tide of COVID

    Agreed. All we can do is use our own influence to shed light on any misinformation others might be spreading. Not everyone is open to listening to ideas that contradict their beliefs, and everyone has the right to believe what they do. It’s just sad ...
  7. Brenda Montoya

    A Nurse's Power to Turn the Tide of COVID

    COVID-19 has been an active virus in the United States for twenty-one months. When the first documented case appeared in January 2020, the average American would have never imagined the sequella now raging through the country. No training or experi...