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  1. PICC: aspirate blood before every infusion?

    Curos caps should be standard across the board for all piccs by now, they are inexpensive and effective. At no point do they replace the practice of scrubbing the hub.
  2. PICC: aspirate blood before every infusion?

    Yes, aspirate for blood before daily infusions per institutional policy and then flush with remaining saline as mentioned above. This is a way of confirming that the tip is still in the desired location and hasn't migrated. Also a way to make sure th...
  3. Whats wrong with this video?

    Depends on the depth of the vein that is attempting to be cannulated. Sometimes it is necessary to have a steep needle angle when attempting to cannulate a deep vein. Every situation is different. But this is a Tik tok video, the intent is humor.
  4. USGPIV national success rates

    Hello everybody, Was recently discussing with my peers about USGPIV success rates in our department and we were wondering if anyone had some information about any national USGPIV success rates? Or does anyone have any success rate information f...