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Hello everybody, 

Was recently discussing with my peers about USGPIV success rates in our department and we were wondering if anyone had some information about any national USGPIV success rates? Or does anyone have any success rate information for their own vascular department they would be willing to share? Our department was interested to see what other teams are considering a standard for USGPIV success rates and when should a department start implementing interventions or education to increase success rates.

Appreciate your input!

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I didn't realize keeping track of USGPIV success rates was a thing, anymore than keeping track of free hand stick IV success rates is a thing. I do know that I use the US very frequently and have an extremely high success rate with it. Although I couldn't say specifically what it is, I know it would be in the upper 90 percentage as it is very rare that I'm unable to get a PIV using the US.

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My personal success rate is, including infants/neonates:

1 stick or less: 94%

2 sticks or less: 98%

3 sticks or less: 99.8%

Total USGPIV insertions: 4,200

Total lab draws via USG: 10,500

Total years experience: 10

Largest patient: 375 kg

Smallest patient: 2.5 kg

Oldest: 106 years

Youngest: 4 days

Longest duration: 48 days (still functional when removed for transfer to rehab)