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  1. CSU Chico Spring 2022 BSN

    I got in!🤩 they sent it yesterday
  2. CSU Chico Spring 2022 BSN

    any updates from anyone?
  3. CSU Chico Spring 2022 BSN

    I also got an interview invite. so if it says the top 50 get an interview, and there's 40 seats, is there a 40/50 80% chance of getting in?!
  4. Hi guys Have you or anyone you know been able to transfer nursing schools (traditional pre-licensure BSN)? For example: You attend *State* State University as a junior/upper division admitted into that BSN Nursing program for one semester, but w...
  5. CSU Chico Spring 2022 BSN

    Does anyone know when the School of Nursing sends out decisions?
  6. CSU Channel Islands

    does anyone know what the average stats (TEAS & GPA) CSU Channel Islands typically accepts? I couldn't find it on their site... does anyone know how many apply vs. how many admitted?
  7. SDSU Transfer BSN Fall 2022

    what makes things more frustrating for an SD local is that PLNU closed their transfer nursing program last time I knew.. I couldn't apply for fall 2021 to PLNU. It's just crazy. and Grand Canyon University also closed nursing transfer apps!! Like thi...
  8. SDSU Transfer BSN Fall 2022

    yeah... I'm a local. Started applying out of state because Cali is sooo hard 😥
  9. CSU Long Beach Fall 2022

    I didn't get in last semester... my stats were pretty similar to yours. This is the CSULB stats on their website: good luck!
  10. SDSU Transfer BSN Fall 2022

    I highly recommend retaking the TEAS. Sdsu is one of the most competitive nursing schools out there. their acceptance rate is like a 5% or less. This is from an email exchange I had with a nursing advisor at SDSU (I didn't get in) "I do not...
  11. Did anyone apply to CBU's Spring 2022 Traditional BSN? I'm a transfer student and I know they accept mostly their own students. But I wanted to know if anyone is applying there and has gotten any emails? I know they're supposed to have interviews unt...
  12. Hi Everyone! Is anyone applying to University of New Mexico for Spring 2022 Traditional Pre-licensure BSN? Or applied for Fall 2021? Can anyone share their experience or results, accepted/rejected? I'm also out of state trying to transfer ...
  13. I am considering Idaho State University's Traditional RN-BSN program as a transfer student. I got a conditional acceptance. Has anyone gone there and know anything about it? How are clinicals? Professors? Quality of learning? Even student life, dorm ...