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  1. Despite the doctor's note saying no restrictions, the meeting informed us of the restrictions the school is putting on our daughter. What was most interesting is that my daughter had talked to the school faculty, who saw her episodes first-hand, and they were surprised that the school felt a meeting was warranted. This also leads me to believe that they were not consulted when the school was making its decision. Daughter will graduate. Thank you ADA.
  2. My daughter was diagnosed Thursday with vasovagal syncope. The attending physician wrote a doctor's note stating that she is cleared to work clinicals with no restrictions. The school she is attending contacted her that same day. They will be having a meeting with her on Monday to determine if they will let her continue in the program due solely to the vasovagal syncope diagnosis. She has this semester and one more and she will graduate with her BSN. Daughter says her triggers are dehydration and boredom. What can be done to keep the school from dismissing her from the program?