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  1. OG tube placement and trach tube

    thank you for your response. I have not been provided rational, and I just have never seen a patient with a trach with an OG and I had assumed it is a contraindication. I just spoke to my nurse educator though and he said OG tubes and trachs are not ...
  2. OG tube placement and trach tube

    This is probably a dumb question, but I have personally never fully understood why we cannot placed OGs in a patient with a tracheostomy. The trach is placed under the vocal chords in the trachea and the OG is in the esophagus. It is something I know...
  3. IVPB medications

    I have a question regarding IVPB medications. 1) Example: Can you give IVF at 75cc/hr and Zosyn IVPB at 25cc/hr as concomitant infusions or would this cause the Zosyn to be infused at a faster rate? 2) At what rate do you flush with IVF/pr...
  4. IV gtts and arterial line

    If you have an arterial line and IV gtts going do you need to stop them to draw blood from arterial line? Will the arterial line blood be contaminated if you draw the sample while the IV drips are running? Thank you.