IVPB medications

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I have a question regarding IVPB medications.

1) Example: Can you give IVF at 75cc/hr and Zosyn IVPB at 25cc/hr as concomitant infusions or would this cause the Zosyn to be infused at a faster  rate?

2) At what rate do you flush with IVF/primary infusion after secondary or IVPB infusion is done? Do you use the same rate as the secondary infusion in order to clear whatever volume is left in line? For example Zosyn is going at 25cc/hr and the priming volume on our tubing is about 13cc. Would you program the IVF to infuse at 25cc/ hr for approximately 13 cc to clear line?


Thank you for any time. 


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1.  Yes, this can be done.  If you are infusing the Zosyn at 25 mL/hour as an infusion on its own pump, it doesn't matter whether it is infusing directly into the IV site, or it is y-sited into the MIVF infusing at 75 mL/hour, it is being delivered at 25 mL/hour.

2.  Yes, secondary infusions should be flushed at the same rate as the infusion.