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  1. WGU Houston 2021

    Like an 80 something, ssl. I just got word Houston is full until January so another waiting game?
  2. WGU Houston 2021

    No the Woodlands. It's closer to me. But IDK even know what's going on with my application my advisor set up a appointment with me this week.
  3. WGU Houston 2021

    Awesome! I'm nervous, ? thank you!
  4. WGU Houston 2021

    My score wasn't that great either, what was yours?
  5. WGU Houston 2021

    Hi guys long time user first time comment Anyway, applied for WGU since I tried over 5 years to get into lonestar RN program with no luck! For those of you that are in now how is it? Do u think its worth it?

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